Profile: Mohamed Alsiadi

Lecturer in Arabic

Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies

MOHAMED ALSIADI was born in Syria and lived and worked in the Middle East before moving to NYC. He received his B.A. from Syrian’s most prestigious Institute of Music. As a gifted composer and artist he collaborated with some of the most renowned artists and musicians of the Damascus Spring.  He is currently the Director of the US-MidEast Program for the Center for the Study of Genocide, Conflict Resolution and Coordinator and full time Lecturer in the Arabic Language and Cultural Studies Program at Fordham University. He is also presently a doctoral candidate in the Program in American Studies at Rutgers University-Newark. His research interests include, Arabic language, literature, culture, Arab-American issues, issues related to Arab-American identity post-9/11; the impact of East-West relations on contemporary Arabic music and literature; Aleppian Waslah performance in the Diaspora; Arabic music composition, theory, and practice; and use of Islam to democratize groups and nations. Alsiadi has co-authored an Arabic language and culture book, articles on music and music theory in addition to translation of key works of important social and political figures of the Arab Spring and the Syrian revolution.

 Professor Alsiadi has spent the last five years facilitating discussions, hosting meetings and conducting research with key members of  the Syrian leadership in the diaspora. Since the start of the conflict in Syria he has provided academic leadership, engaged in discussions and offered advice and support to fellow Syrians in civic society, academia and political parties across Europe, the Middle East and the United States. He has also provided important commentary for journalists in the USA and around the world based on his research and expertise and reports from his contacts with academics and journalists within Syria. He has been interviewed and been an analyst on TV and radio for a wide range of media sources including appearances on PBS, HuffPost LIVE, ABC In addition he is currently working with the Syrian opposition groups in the USA, Europe and the Middle East providing research, analysis and logistical support as they negotiate and discuss supporting fellow Syrians so that they can arrive at peaceful and meaningful solutions to the violence in Syria.

  • Courses Taught

                Elementary Arabic I & II

                Intermediate Arabic I & II

                Contemporary Arabic Language & Culture 220 & 221                                                         

                  Independent Study in Arabic I & II

                Arabic Literature in English Translation I & II

                Introduction to Arabic Music


  • Awards

    2010-2011             Awards for Teaching Excellence, School of Continuing and Professional Studies, NYU


    2006-2007           Outstanding Teaching Effectiveness of Arabic Languge, Faculty of Arts & Sciences, Rutgers University-Newark


    2006-2007           Faculty Academic Service Award,  Office  of the President, Rutgers University


    2005-2006       Faculty Academic Service Award, Office of the President, Rutgers University



  • Expertise

    Recruited and trained three part-time colleagues to teach Arabic language and literature courses. Created Elementary Arabic 101 course for Winter Session.

    - Created Elementary Arabic 101 & 102 courses for Summer Session.

    - Created courses on Contemporary Arabic Language & Culture 220 & 221.

    - Created courses on Arabic Literature in English Translation 311 & 312.

    - Created a course on Modern Arab Society and the Media 245.

    - Created courses for Quranic Arabic Grammar 301 & 302.

    - Created a course on the Introduction to Arabic Music 396.