Highlights of Past Institute Events

2015   The Birth of a Nation Film Screening and Discussion

2015   Symposium on Dance & Disability with the AXIS Dance Company

2015   Dracula by the Atlantic City Ballet

2015   20th Anniversary of The New American Ghetto

2015   "Sosúa: Make a Better World" Screening and Discussion

2014   But Where is the Lamb? Imagining the Story of Abraham and Isaac

2014   Screening and Discussion of Joachim Prinz: I Shall Not Be Silent

2014   Premier of Amiri Baraka’s long-lost documentary film, “The New-Ark”

2013   Blues People @50

2013   A Chance to Win: Sport in the Inner City

2013   Bricks, Mortar, Memories and Pride: The James Street Commons Reconsidered

2012   Screening and Discussion of The Pruitt-Igoe Myth

2011-2012 Behind and Beyond the Debate: A Public Speaker Series on Education in Newark

2009    The Humane City: Race, Ethnicity, and Freedom in Urban America

2009    Lincoln as Monument/Lincoln as Icon

2008    An Evening with Annette Gordon-Reed

2007    We Should Have Listened: The Lilley Commission's 1968 New Vision of New Jersey

2007    The Long Hot Summers in Retrospect, Part II: Urban Unrest in 1960s New Jersey

2007    City of Promise Screening

2006    Screening of the Academy Award Nominated Film, Street Fight

2006    Remembering Mrs. Rosa Parks

2004    City Children & Their Cultures: Poetry & Art Therapy

2004    City Children & Their Cultures: Into the Arroyo

2003    Newark Reads Du Bois

2002    City Children & Their Cultures: The Social Life of Stress

2001    City Children & Their Cultures: Get the Lead Out!

2001    City Children & Their Cultures: Blacked-Out and Streetwise

2000    City Children & Their Culures: From Street Life to Political Culture

1998    Paul Robeson: Centennial Observances

1997    Memory and Newark: July 1967