Faculty Resources

The Dean's Office has a number of resources for FASN members.
Among them are information on:

Faculty Resources

Faculty Resource Reference (PDF)

Syllabus Requirements (PDF)

FASN Policies


Standing Committees

Course Release Policy

NTT Additional Compensation Policy


Writing Across the Curriculum/Writing Intensive

Writing Across the Currriculum Policy

Criteria for Writing Intensive Courses

Procedure for Designating Courses as "Writing Intensive"

Course Approval and Assessment

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity For Instructors

Accident Reporting

Accident Reporting Database

Annual Appointments

Annual Appointment Form

Academic Personnel Policies

Inventory Form

Sample Post-Doctoral Associate Appointment Letter


Center for Teaching Advancement & Assessment Research

Assessment Survey

Writing Intensive Courses

Competitive Fellowship Leave Guidelines

Competitive Fellowship Leave Form

Courses of Study

Instructions for Courses of Study

Change in Curriculum

Master Course List Form to add/remove/change a course

New Major and Minor Approval Process

Definition of an Interdisciplinary Course

Online Course Format Option (MSWord)

Online Course Format Option (PDF)


Equipment Loan Request Form

Form to Transfer or Dispose of Equipment

General Education

List of Approved Gen Ed Courses

General Education Course Proposal

A Faculty Guide to Submitting Courses for Certification for General Education

Samples of Approved Proposals

FASN Approved Changes to the Undergraduate Curriculum

A Very Brief Guide to Faculty Assessment

Promotion & Evaluation Information

Promotion & Evaluation Calendar

Promotion & Evaluation Instruction Forms

Promotion & Evaluation Inventory Listing

Faculty Recruitment & Hiring

Using ROCS (Recruitment, Onboarding and Classification System) for Faculty Recruitment


Room Request

Hill 315 Request Form

Environmental Health & Safety

Principal Investigator Laboratory Self-Inspection Checklist

Shipment of Dangerous Goods Policy

Sabbatical Leave

2017-'18 Sabbatical Leave Application