For information on licensure & certification.
National Professional Organization for Social Workers.
Information regarding undergraduate social work education, as well as a number of links to social work related resources.
The national professional organization of undergraduate and graduate social work educators. This site has an on-line listing of all BSW and MSW programs in the U.S.
The webpage for "The New Social Worker," for social work students and for recent graduates.
Mega-Sites: (Social Work Megasites providing lists of links to research and other sites)
Organizes links by topical areas.
This is the largest social work megasite in the world, and is especially comprehensive in its coverage of links to full-text documents from online journals and government reports.
Developed by Rutgers-Newark Dana Library, with links to many other sites relevant to social work.
Employment Opportunities:
List of job postings by location and field of practice
National job bank, which can be accessed by state, occupation, as well as field of practice.
Information on various occupations, including job listings by category and location.
Fields of Practice:
Government Sites Relevant to Social Work: