Minor in Ancient and Medieval Civilizations

The interdepartmental undergraduate minor in Ancient and Medieval Civilizations (AMC), administered by the History Department, encourages students to study the interrelations among the contiguous civilizations of Eurasia and North Africa, and to appreciate how this exchange facilitated material and intellectual development from ancient times through the Middle Ages. These civilizations are approached through courses in history, language and literature, archaeology and art, religion and myth, and law and philosophy. The geographic and temporal scope of the program includes (but is not limited to) Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, the Middle East, Ancient Greece, Rome, Ancient North Africa, Ancient Central and East Asia, and Medieval Europe, North Africa, and Asia. The AMC program provides an excellent general education in the humanities, as well as a foundation for careers in teaching, research, law, and business.

The minor in AMC includes courses in Ancient and Medieval Civilization 060, Greek 490, and Latin 580, as well as courses in Arabic 074, Art 082, Chinese 165, English 350, History 510, Middle Eastern Studies 685 and Philosophy 730. Students considering the AMC minor are encouraged to visit the program director to discuss their interests.

Director: Gary D. Farney

Minor Requirements

For the minor in AMC, students must take 18 credits, at least 6 of which must be from History and Civilization courses listed above and at least 6 of which must be from one of the approved languages listed under Language above; the other 6 credits can be a mixture of these two categories according to the student’s interests.

Students are also encouraged to consider Study Abroad options for credit that can be applied to the AMC Program. Among these are the Rutgers University Archaeological Field School to Italy; the AMC Program will accept all 6 credits for this field school (http://fieldschool.rutgers.edu). Students should consult the AMC director about this and other opportunities.

A grade of C or higher is required for AMC courses credited toward the minor. Courses not listed below that may seem applicable to AMC (e.g., a course at NJIT or Rutgers-New Brunswick, or the occasional course offered at Rutgers-Newark) may be applied toward the minor with the approval of the program director.


21:060:335  Law in the Ancient Near East

21:082:210 Introduction to Architectural History I: Prehistory to 1800

21:082:310  Ancient Art

21:350:341  Mythology in Literature

21:350:353,354  Bible as Literature I, II

21:350:373  Chaucer

21:510:257 Greco-Roman Myth and Pagan Religion

21:510:263  History of Africa I

21:510:286  The Ancient Near East

21:510:287  History of Islamic Civilization I

21:510:297  Far Eastern History I

21:510:319  Ancient Greek History

21:510:255  Ancient Greek Civilization

21:510:256  Roman Civilization

21:510:305  Ancient Sport: Olympians to Gladiators

21:510:306  The Greek and Roman Cities

21:510:307  South Asia up to 1750

21:510:320  Roman History

21:510:327,328  Civilization of the Middle Ages I,II

21:510:405,407  Topics in Ancient History I-II

21:510:406  Topics in Medieval Civilization

21:510:409  Alexander the Great

21:510:410  Greek History Through Dramatic Writings

21:730:206  Greek Philosophy

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