Undergraduate Studies

Photo: Panoramic view #2 of Newark, N.J. c1912. Panoramic photographs (Library of Congress). Lib of Congress <http://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/2007662579/>

Undergraduate Minor in American Studies

Rutgers University-Newark

The undergraduate minor in American Studies at Rutgers University-Newark explores American politics, culture and society in Newark, northern  New Jersey and around the world.  Our courses embrace interdisciplinary methods and draw on disciplines ranging from English to sociology to history.
Our students conduct research in traditional academic settings and also learn to interpret American culture as it is expressed in cities and suburbs, cultural institutions, and everyday life. Research, analysis and writing are central to our major, but we also  encourage students to work in the public humanities in ways that encourage dialogue between our university and the public around us.
Students who minor in American Studies are required to take both introductory and advanced courses in a broad range of academic disciplines so that they can analyze American culture in interdisciplinary ways.While the entry-level course in the minor is specific to the interdisciplinary field of American Studies, students are also required to take core courses in American history and American literature before moving on to take three upper-level courses in an area of concentration of their choosing. Courses in an area of concentration are taken in programs and departments affiliated with the American Studies program: English; History; Political Science; Arts, Culture and Media; Sociology/Anthropology; Philosophy; Spanish and Portuguese; African and African American Studies; and  Women and Gender.
The minor consists of 9 elective credits beyond the prerequisite courses listed below:

21:050:200 Introduction to American Studies *Note--This course fulfills the general education requirement for undergraduate studies. 

21:512:201,202 History of the United States

One upper-level American literature course from the English department at the 300 or 400 level (3 credits)

Three upper-level courses, at the 300 or 400 level, chosen with the program director's approval from courses regularly offered by programs and departments affiliated with the American studies program: English; history; political science; art, culture, and media; sociology/anthropology; Spanish and Portuguese studies; African American and African studies; and women and gender studies. (9 credits)

21 credits total

Note: If a history major chooses to minor in American studies, the student should take either the English department's Survey of American Literature (21:352:323 and 324) or two upper-level courses chosen with the program director's permission to complete the requirements of the minor.


Above Photo: Panoramic view #2 of Newark, N.J. c1912. Panoramic photographs (Library of Congress). Lib of Congress <http://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/2007662579/>